Celebrate Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. This is the perfect time to show love and affection to those people with whom we have important relationships. Valentine’s Day is associated with cards, flowers, chocolates, and romantic celebrations. Big gestures of love often occur on Valentine’s Day.  One might receive a gift of expensive jewelry, […]

What I’ve Learned About Myself During the Pandemic

There’s been oodles of time to learn about myself during the pandemic.  Hours spent isolating at home and isolating at our cottage gave time for self-reflection. It’s more than 160  days since Canada issued the ‘stay-at-home’ recommendation/order that essentially put the population — except for essential workers — under house arrest.  Initially, it was a […]

Conventional Wisdom vs Facts

What’s the difference between conventional wisdom and fact? Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish one from the other. Conventional Wisdom Defined Conventional wisdom is defined as a generally accepted theory or belief; an accepted truth that is undisputed. It’s sometimes called commonplace knowledge. Conventional wisdom helps us to see patterns and make decisions based on information […]

Understanding the Science of Happiness

In the past few days, almost everyone who I’ve met wished me a ‘Happy New Year’.  These wishes reinforce the truism that people generally seek happiness for themselves and for others. Bookstores, bloggers, and podcasts offer countless self-help ideas to improve happiness. We’re urged to drink more water, get enough sleep, practise mindfulness, exercise regularly, […]

Why September is My Favourite Month of the Year

September is my favourite month of the year. An eon ago, when I went to school, September meant new shoes, new clothes and new school supplies.  At university, September meant a return to studying as well as meeting new people and enjoying new experiences. In my career, September always brought a surge of energy — […]