Why September is My Favourite Month of the Year

September is my favourite month of the year. An eon ago, when I went to school, September meant new shoes, new clothes and new school supplies.  At university, September meant a return to studying as well as meeting new people and enjoying new experiences. In my career, September always brought a surge of energy — vacations were over and the workplace took on the buzz of new routines.

September -- My Favourite time of year
September is my favourite month of the year – photo courtesy of Estee Janssens on Unsplash

Life has changed since retirement — no more new shoes for school and no work routines — yet September continues as my favourite month. These are some of the reasons:

  • September weather. Summer isn’t over but most of the hot and humid weather is gone.  Hello to warm days filled with sunshine and cool nights when open windows bring in fresh air for restful sleeping. New energy comes with the shorter days as there is less daylight for squandering.  Perhaps it’s nature’s way of making us use every hour of precious daylight!
  • Bountiful produce in the markets. Nature’s bounty from Ontario fields fills the shelves in markets.  Who can resist baskets of field-ripened tomatoes, peaches, muskmelons, pears, apples, and plums as well as crisp cauliflower, zucchini, carrots and new potatoes? I no longer make jams or preserves but I do enjoy using fresh produce in salads and for baking. The colours of the fresh fruit and veggies inspire me to try new recipes. The downside is that I often buy more produce than two people can use!
  • A month of new beginnings. Some people equate September with January as a time of renewal. Many people find it easier to hit the reset button in September than in the mid-winter when New Year’s resolutions are popular but the malaise of holiday celebrations lingers. I find September is a good time to check the goals and aspirations set in January and re-commit. A new beginning this September is that my husband and I are joining a couples bridge club in our neighbourhood.  Hopefully, we’ll be amicable partners! I wrote about new beginnings in a previous blog post just after we downsized and moved to a new city in 2016 summarized how September gives the energy for new beginnings.  You can read these musings at  https://www.postworksavvy.com/september-month-new-beginnings/
  • September marks the return to routines. Even retired people enjoy a return to familiar routines.  Last week I went back to the gym to join an over-55 fitness class.  Earlier in the week, I played bridge with my women’s club. Later in the month, it will be a return to book club meetings. We re-started our weekly family dinners on Thursday evening after our grand-daughter had her weekly piano lesson. Although summer provides a welcome break from routines, there is more predictability from following daily and weekly routines.
  • Most of all I like September because of celebrations. On Labour Day weekend my husband and I marked our 53rd anniversary with a lovely dinner at a favourite restaurant. We were both struck by the fact that each of us had lived more of our life in a ‘couple’ relationship and not as individuals. Later this week, I’ll celebrate another birthday.  Good friends celebrated their 40th anniversary on the weekend. Sometimes there is too much rich food and wine to mark these occasions but at this stage of life, every opportunity to celebrate is important.

Perhaps the reason September is my favourite time of the year is that I think of this month as the real start of a new year. The changes made in September come after a summer of relaxation and freestyle living.  The surge of energy during September with its ‘back-to-school’ feeling helps me deal with small household annoyances, finish summer projects, and reflect on the January aspirations that need attention in the last part of 2019. There’s contentment and purpose as I celebrate the joys of September, my favourite month of the year.

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  1. I enjoyed reflecting on my own love for September as I read your post. Thank you!

    1. I’m happy to know others love September. There are other months of the year that bring happiness and contentment but September ignites special energy!
      Be well,

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