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After 25 years in CEO roles at three not-for-profit children’s services organizations in Ontario, I retired and began pursuit of the ‘post-work’ journey.  My blog aims to inspire readers to achieve a fulfilling and happy retirement.

There is also a selfish reason for blogging — it keeps my brain active as I write about experiences, thoughts and life changes during retirement.

Postworksavvy blog posts describe aspects of lifestyle, personal growth, ageing, and use of time during that wonderful phase of life when career worries end.  Readers embarking on or contemplating their own retirement will find inspirational, smart, and creative tips for ageing successfully, achieving optimal wellness and living a full life without work.  The blog posts deal with the inevitable successes, struggles and life changes of ageing with reflections on what I’ve learned and how I use these lessons to keep growing.

In my younger years, I earned masters degrees in business administration (MBA — Wilfrid Laurier University) and social work (MSW — McGill University).  My busy professional career included work as a public affairs advocate, a social worker, a family and marital therapist, and a mental health specialist.  I held leadership positions as the senior executive in both large and small organizations.  Having fulfilled my professional and career dreams, my retirement challenge is to enjoy a new life without formal commitments, obligations or responsibilities.

I am a happy, relatively healthy, wife, mother, and grandmother living with my husband in a small Southwestern Ontario city.  Blessed with a cottage at Lake Huron,  I enjoy spending time on the beach, reading, writing, relaxed entertaining, and the company of family and friends who visit and provide great diversions.

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  1. Here is my comment from your post on 3/7/2021. I tried to post it there, but I am still having the error.

    “The most important aspect of keeping a positive winter mindset in winter 2021 was the resolution to stay hopeful.” This sentence stood out for me. While I feel we are in the home stretch – with Spring and vaccines around the corner and even camping reservations later in the month, I almost feel like I can’t take the sameness for one more day! Let’s walk a different trail. No, let’s not have that for dinner again. I need to refresh my positive resolution and continue to find ways for my days to be novel. Thanks for a good reminder! Enjoy your day. No, I always write that. Let’s see. How about – Stay hopeful!

    1. Hello Betty, Thanks for your comment. I have been troubleshooting the posting problem for the past two weeks. My techie has sent comments that have come through. Interestingly, both of your comments found their way into my email feed but only this one landed on WordPress. Please keep commenting as I appreciate your perspective on my posts!
      In response to your thoughts: I, too, feel that I’m in a recipe rut. Thank goodness, the quality of the light has changed and Southern Ontario temperatures are moderating. I’ve found a couple of Daffodil shoots near the walkway where the snow has begun melting. That’s a sure sign that better days are ahead. My husband, who is over 80, got his first vaccine shot yesterday which is also cause for gratitude and hope. Stay well and stay hopeful. Jeanette

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  3. Just a quick line to say hope that you are on the mend and to say how much I have enjoyed your recent blogs – D and I have done a quick appraisal on our retirment so far – some major successes and some areas for improvement!
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Jackie! It’s worthwhile to take stock of retirement from time to time or we find ourselves in a rut and wasting these precious years.
      Sickness has left me in a bit of a writing slump. Hearing from readers like you gives incentive to post regularly!
      Be well,

  4. Hi Jeanette, I enjoyed the September post. Your recent move and how you handled it are inspiring me as I go through my own transition to new housing. By the way, there seems to be no way to comment on your post page. Do you have comments enabled in WordPress?


    1. Hi Rin,
      Thank you for your comment. I enjoy hearing from regular readers of my blog. I realize that the comments section has dropped into cyberspace. I’ve been struggling to fix the glitch but it’s beyond my scope so I’m waiting for a developer to help. It’s the technology gremlins that always bring me to my knees!
      By now you will be taking the next steps in your own journey as you move from your large property. I do hope that your pets are adjusting. Isn’t it humbling to see how such changes affect them? I know how deeply change affects all of us but, we humans do our best to deny and hide the repercussions.
      Be well,

  5. Jeanette, I’m subscribed to your Blog and really enjoy it! I can read each entry but lately don’t find a way to Comment … I’m no longer seeing the “I welcome feedback and will reply to your comments” option at the bottom of the posts. Thanks, Lynn R.

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Thank you for the feedback about my non-working comments section and thank you for being a faithful reader. These glitches always bring me to my knees. I’ll try to get this resolved asap!
      Be well,

  6. Enjoying your blog – it often gives me food fr thought and I particularly liked this month’s article (Aug 2016) on Exploring Retirement about how to cope in out topsy-turvy world.
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks for your kind words about my article in Exploring Retirement. Regardless of where we live, we are challenged to respond to political and economic challenges. We feel victimized when terrorism strikes. As I write this response, I’m comfortably seated in a wooded area adjacent to Lake Huron in Canada. It’s tranquil here but I’m acutely aware that many don’t share peaceful surroundings nor do they live in a democratic society where most people respect each other and obey the laws. We can never take such blessings for granted.
      Be well,
      Jeanette aka postworksavvy

  7. Jeanette, hope this email finds you in good health and enjoying the start of fall weather. I have lost your email address and would appreciate it if you could send it to me as I have a question/request for you

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Richard,
      It”s nice to hear from you via my blog. You can email me at jeanettelew@rogers.com
      Be well,

  8. Hi,

    Just found your site and wanted to know if you would be interested in guest posting on our recently launched retirement site retirementandgoodliving.com

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  9. Hi Jeanette, I have added your excellent site to my seniors directory (with full marks):

    1. Thanks so much! Your site is an excellent resource for seniors. Keep up your good work.

  10. Dear Jeanette,
    It was a pleasure to listen to you yesterday at our library book club.
    You speak with such eloquence, I was green with envy! I look forward to hearing more from you at future meetings and will be awarding myself some time very soon to reading your thoughts on this website…
    Have an inspiring week-end,
    Sincerely, (Betty) Elizabeth Tyrrell

    1. Thanks for your comments and congratulations on the publication of your book. I noted that you are doing a reading on Thursday evening. I hope to attend to hear you read and support your work as an author.

  11. You’ve got a nice blog here with lots of great insight for visitors!

    Keep on Sharing!

    Wendy, http://www.retirement-online.com

    1. Wendy — Thanks for your comments. I love the richness of retirement-online.com A great inspiration for new bloggers like me!
      Be well. Jeanette

  12. Hi Jeanette, I have just discovered your website, after looking for ideas about relaxation for retired people, I have been teaching in the community. I also work as a Clairvoyant and Healer. I have a 27 year old daughter and a 10 year old son!!!!

    Life has many twists and turns, and its quite strange as I always have wanted to visit Canada, and I realise you live in Toronto. I live in a very nice village in Nottinghamshire, which has many benefits. The more I see of life and people the more I realise that our own personal dramas are unfolding on a daily basis. I have read lots of books on self development and spirituality and in the case of teaching relaxation I am helping my students accept and adjust to their new situation. Some seem to find it more frustrating than others, there is a loss of personal freedom, and financial security. Also a fear of the future, the people I teach are in sheltered housing. Some have dementia, and | beleive that they unplug from the reality they find themselves in for a variety of reasons. I cannot prove this of course, however I am convinced it is true. I shall continue to read your blogs for idea’s and inspiration, Keep up the good work. Love and Light Wendy

    1. Thanks for your kind comments on the musings on my blog. I hope you will become a subscriber.

  13. Hello Jeanette
    I enjoyed reading your blog. How right you are.. this is a huge transition in life and not to be under estimated. But a very rewarding one. I have learned that retirement brings freedom in choice and does not bring a lack of things to do or contributions. Time has a different meaning to me now and friendships are even more valued. And what a wonderful summer to experience freedom at all levels.
    I will continue to read your blog and experience your fun

  14. Phyllis Lovell says: Reply

    Hi Jeanette

    I am loving the blog. You write in a very engaging way and while I am busy learning a new job rather than contemplating retirement I find it quite interesting. We are missing your voice in the field but I trust you are enjoying this wonderfully warm summer. What a way to start your ‘you time’ journey. Enjoy


  15. Jeanette! What a great site. I’ve read all your entries and they leave me wishing I was near this phase of my life as well! Great seeing you at your reception and meeting your family! Hope to see you in Grand Bend sometime!

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