My Crown

I’m announcing that I own a Crown!  No, it’s not a crown for my head; it’s a new car — a Toyota and the model is called a Crown!

After dithering for weeks, we bought a new car! 

Here’s the story of my Crown:

In a previous post, I described several frustrating trips to car dealerships where we found no inventory of new vehicles.  We stopped looking and put a deposit on an order for a new Toyota Venza.

The estimated delivery time was 12 to 18 months!  From June 2023, it could take until next Christmas to get this vehicle! Nobody could confirm if it would be a 2024 model or a 2025 model.

I didn’t think much about this long delivery time over the summer as I was relieved not to be going to dealerships to discuss new cars, hear about limited inventory, or listen to explanations of supply chain issues. Besides, I liked my old Toyota Venza. It was well maintained and reliable with new tires and good brakes.  It still looked good, especially with the wax job my husband put on it last fall!

As weeks passed, however, I began to worry.  I fretted about two old people driving around in an older car with a Canadian winter approaching. To quell my worry, my sweet husband called the dealer to ask about the estimated delivery date.  The time frame had not changed.  In fact, the time frame could be longer as the car was manufactured in Japan and then shipped to Canada. No delivery date was available.

Salespeople are a savvy bunch, though, and don’t miss an opportunity for a sale.  The salesperson told my husband that someone had returned a car due to financial difficulties. This was a new model that Toyota began selling during the summer of 2023, a Toyota Crown.  The car had only 2000 km (about 1240 miles) on it. Essentially, it was a new car.

Intrigued, we looked at the car.  We liked the fact that it is a hybrid with 4-wheel drive.  We purchased it on the spot!

My new Crown parked on the cottage driveway.

As you can see from the photo, it is a sporty-looking sedan and very shiny and very black.  Eye candy for sure! 

Despite wanting another SUV, finding a new car without a long wait for delivery felt like a stroke of good luck. We decided that a sedan with a huge trunk could accommodate our needs for trips to the cottage since we take only small overnight bags and a cooler of food. 

Nonetheless, we kept our options open by not cancelling the order we made in June for an SUV.  When it finally arrives we can trade in the Crown if we decide that we really need a SUV.

An Enjoyable Experience

A car is a personal thing, but how enjoyable when it feels like the right decision! This Crown felt special from the minute I drove it off the lot.  

The first few trips were a driving experience as I had to learn how to use many different buttons and gadgets, a new starting mechanism and a different type of gear shift.  And, oh my, having a big screen with maps, music, in-car text messaging, and so much more was intimidating! The app on my phone reminds me when I forget to lock a door! My son gave me a lesson on the screen since I’m not much for reading the manuals!

Speaking of manuals, the car came with at least four heavy manuals that are on my bedside table.  I treat them like recipe books and check things out when trial and error doesn’t work.

There have been many new cars in my lifetime as I was fortunate to have jobs that entitled me to a company car.   Every two to three years it was replaced without worry for me.  The enjoyment of a new vehicle was something I took for granted.

After retirement, I became responsible for selecting a vehicle, paying for it, and maintaining it.  Since I don’t go on long road trips anymore, my car gets used only for errands and for back-and-forth trips to the cottage. I had forgotten how much fun it was to experience driving a new vehicle! 

After owning my Crown for six weeks, it still feels like we made a good decision.  I’m getting comfortable with all the cameras and warning buzzers that enhance safety.  I’m enjoying the technology that brings a vast selection of music and podcasts.  I love the app on my phone that tells me when I forget to lock a door.

My husband teases me saying that the Crown is getting to my head. I hope that’s not the case as driving is a big responsibility and one that I don’t take for granted! The first few drives were exercises in caution but I’ve regained my confidence and driving feels ‘natural’ and easy again. I’m proud of my new car but I’m certainly not letting the experience of driving my Crown go to my head!

Thanks for reading my post.  I hope all readers have safe and enjoyable driving experiences — regardless of what car you drive. We are all much more than a Crown!




4 Replies to “My Crown”

  1. What a lovely car!! Congrats!

    1. I like my new car more every day!

  2. Congratulations on your new Crown! It sounds like a great car for you. Our car is a 2010, and we will have a lot to learn when the day comes we get a newer one. However, I read recently that “learning” something new is the best way to prevent dementia. I also think the newer models have so many more safety features. I do love the new car smell. Congrats again, and enjoy that beauty!

    1. My Venza was a 2009 model and I couldn’t believe how much cars changed over the years! If learning is a preventative for dementia, I’m giving my brain a crash course! The safety improvements built in to newer cars provide some level of reassurance. I’m not sure about all the technology options. I know that I won’t use many of the tech gizmos.

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