Spring and Renewal

Spring is thought of as a time of renewal — a time for new beginnings.

Or, is it?

It’s tough to feel renewed amid daily news of political turmoil, climate anxiety, an epidemic of homelessness, and repeated mass shootings. The world has become a scary place. 

Every newscast brings its version of ‘breaking news’ with an accompanying emotional impact.  Headlines are designed to create feelings of shock, nervousness and disbelief.  Well-being is threatened as even the staunchest of souls experience a degree of traumatization. The interconnection between war stories, political wrangling and natural disasters infiltrates the brain and depletes energy reserves.

The result is that many people feel anxious rather than renewed.

True Spring Renewal

Despite the anxiety and stress created by world news, spring awakens the earth.

Spring Daffodils renew my spirit
Spring daffodils in my garden renew my spirit

April in SouthWestern Ontario brings variable weather. It’s not until May that we get consistent warmth and light. As I write this post, the temperature is 20 C (about 70F) with bright sunshine around me.  But I remember the snow, rain and wind that kept people indoors last week.

Early spring flowers bloom bravely yet find ways to hide when the temperature drops.  New shoots appear on the perennials in my back garden to remind me of the resilience and beauty of nature.  Nature’s signs of spring renewal signal that it’s time for self-renewal!

Renewing Oneself

Connecting with the self is a form of renewal.  Instead of stressing on news and negativity, I try to focus on self-acceptance, resilience and compassion. A focus on self-care is not selfish.  It builds stress resistance. Self-care takes self-knowledge as well as commitment. Every day I try to assess what I need within the context of what’s possible given other responsibilities. It may be practising yoga, sitting in the sunshine, or walking.  Honouring the day’s needs is great therapy for a stressed and cluttered brain. 

Using my precious time and energy on rewarding tasks and fulfilling hobbies renews my spirit.  When I put on some jazz, pick up my knitting and spend a few minutes in my favourite chair, I feel refreshed and renewed. Such mundane activities renew the life I live. Plus, any form of productivity such as cooking a great meal restores and uplifts me!

 Whenever feeling over-stressed with worries about climate change or world events, I bake cookies to take to my grandchildren. By caring for others I open space in my life for renewal. Refreshing oneself by reaching out to others brings wonderful rewards.

Finally, there is nothing better than laughter.  I cherish giggles and chortles over some inane bit of humour — especially when it comes unexpectedly.

Spring can be a time of renewal when we engage in activities that move us beyond thoughts about sad world events over which we have no control. I hope every reader finds some small way to renew and refresh in the spring of 2024!



4 Replies to “Spring and Renewal”

  1. Spring always feels like a time of renewal to me! It’s a chance to try new things, let go of things that are no longer working, and just enjoy the feeling of the earth waking up. Lovely post!

    1. Letting go is an excellent strategy! I find that releasing old habits as well as old things around the house leaves room for renewal as well as creativity. I hope you enjoy all the waking of the earth that spring offers!

  2. Excellent post. At my age, self care is also care for others. Because if I don’t take care of myself, it’s going to turn into a problem and I’ll need others to help me. I’d like to postpone that for as long as possible. With us traveling so much, our consumption of news greatly diminished, and the time we spent surrounded by nature greatly increased. That was a nice prescription for us. I like your post’s focus on the things we can control. Happy Spring!

    1. A decrease in consumption of news plus an increase in consumption of nature sounds like the perfect formula for happiness. I hope you are enjoying spring now that you are back your real home.

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