Why aging does not have to be a losing battle

Everybody wants the benefits of good health in retirement.  Aging is not a losing battle.  Senility, grouchiness, poor memory, body aches and pains don’t necessarily go with aging.

Taking care of your health requires a few good habits that are neither costly nor onerous.  Most of these habits become enjoyable as they become part of your lifestyle.

I’ve developed my list of good health habits and I’m sharing them with you.  Beware — they are not arranged in any particular order of importance as all of them have their charms.


The list starts with laughter.  There is nothing like a good belly laugh to lighten every day.  Laugh often.  Laugh with friends.  Laugh at yourself.


Take some form of exercise everyday.  You don’t need to belong to a gym but exercise with buddies may motivate. Walk.  Dance.  Do yoga or tai chi.  Work in your garden.  Lift some weights.  Your body will thank you with better balance.  Getting blood circulating will limber both your joints and your mind.

Stay connected

Positive relationships with friends and family keep you connected. The support and affirmation from others guards your emotional and mental health.  A hug, a gentle word, a smile or a shared experience make the day smoother.  Loneliness kills.

Good Nutrition

Eating high quality nutrient dense foods that you enjoy is a secret to aging well.  Those fruits, veggies and complex carbohydrates will keep your body strong and your mind healthy.


You can’t cheat on sleep.  Going to bed when you are tired and getting up when you awaken naturally are among the benefits of the retired postworksavvy person who ages well.  Naps are essential when night-time sleep is disrupted.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Your positive attitude will keep you young in your heart. Staying positive will also help to manage stress. Live one day at a time.  Trust that the accumulated wisdom of a life time of experiences will be enough to guide you in solving problems.  Take time for moments of quiet reflection or meditation. Take time for gratitude or prayer or other faith habits.

Don’t lose the battle of aging.

I’m still working on these habits. Most days, I find that my life is happier.  I worry less.  Most importantly, I reap benefits from these habits for both my physical health and my disposition!

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3 Replies to “Why aging does not have to be a losing battle”

  1. Another article worth publishing to a wider audience.

  2. I agree ; you only become old if you allow yourself to get to that point:) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

    1. Many young people grow old because of their attitudes!

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