Thoughts on turning 76

I’m turning 76 today and counting on living for many more years!

At this age, I’m well into the second half of my life. I welcome this time as I can just be myself — whatever that means!

Unlike many people, especially women, who don’t ‘do age’ or celebrate birthdays, I’m proud of my years. It’s been quite the journey to reach this age and I’m not finished!

To celebrate this phase of life I’ve set free the old lady inside without fear of what others think.

Old Lady with Purpose

Since retirement, I’ve identified myself as an old lady with purpose. Feisty, sometimes — purposeful, always!

As the years pass, I feel free to be more opinionated and less agreeable.  That means speaking for myself with less worry about thoughts others may hold about me. I identify my needs and seek to fulfill these.

I’m learning that I can get away with the outrageous.  I’m not going to scandalize my grandchildren nor will I treat people badly. However, I have less patience for crap.

That means calling out demeaning attitudes about others, especially older people. I don’t want to be patronized nor marginalized because of age. 

The term old lady doesn’t bother me as long as it’s not associated with negatives such as stupidity, nuttiness, or forgetfulness.


I’m keenly aware of my self-worth. I struggle with the cultural norms and ageing myths of getting older.

At 76. I know that some of my physical capabilities are in decline.  I can’t walk as fast nor as far as I did when younger.  I have more aches and pains but I try not to dwell on these as most are realities of ageing.

I’m not prepared to accept the belief that “it’s all over.” I refuse to spend my energy longing for youth I can’t get back. I’ve made peace with my faults.

 On this birthday I resolve never to stop living my truth. I reject the negative assumptions about ageing.  I’ll continue to exercise and care for my body. I’ll stay curious about the world around me to ensure that I am an interested and interesting person. I’ll seek novelty by mixing routines, engaging in relationships with a diverse group of people, and learning new skills.

I’ll continue to grow into a new version of myself with each passing year resolving to live every day with gratitude. I’m dancing as fast as I can for as long as I can.! It’s a perspective everyone can adopt!

Turning 76 — my favourite birthday card!

I’ll close with a photo of the lovely handmade birthday card given to me by my granddaughter at a family celebration yesterday.  What a joy to have grandchildren in my life! They keep me dancing as I turn 76!




10 Replies to “Thoughts on turning 76”

  1. Why didn’t I know you had a podcast sooner? I’m so glad to have been informed. Love your comments, your thoughts and your writing.

    1. Thanks for reading and sharing your positive feedback!
      Have a good day in this snowstorm!

  2. Happy birthday, two days late! And of course your life isn’t over….you still have so much to offer and so many new experiences on the horizon. It’s not easy aging in our society, so we have to be intentional about doing it with purpose and joy. Have you ever come across Martha’s blog, “White Haired Grace?” I think you would like it!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes and thanks for the tip about Martha’s blog. I’ve checked it out and subscribed! I agree with your observations about ageing. sometimes it feels that I’m encountering ageist attitudes at every turn! Moreover, I have to watch my thoughts as my culturally-attuned brain often provides its own ageist roadblocks.
      Be well,

  3. A belated happy birthday and pleased to read that you are planning to do a whole lot more, certainly not yet old enough to put your feet up.

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Although I sometimes feel the physical effects of an ageing body, I’m determined to fill each day with purpose and keep living with a positive attitude. No time to put up my feet — even when they hurt!

  4. Happy Birthday Jeanette! I’ll be turning 68 next month and will take all your great advice to heart. PS: Love your blog.

    1. Thank you for your birthday greetings and for the salute to my blog.
      In turn, I admire your post. They are filled with knowledge and research about trivets, a world about which I know so little!

  5. Happy Birthday Jeanette!!! What a great attitude and may you continue to live your truth for a very long time.

    1. Thank you for the birthday greetings! I send good wishes to you and to all our friends at Ebenezer! We miss that warm church community!

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