Retirement Happiness requires time and effort

The great things in life always take time and never come without effort and patience. A successful retirement journey needs planning, work and periodic adjustments. Retirement happiness won’t happen without some forethought. During the summer while hanging out at the cottage, I thought about how I felt about my retirement  three years ago.  Although I […]

Happiness in Retirement — Quick Fixes for Staying Happy

On most days I am a happy person.  But sometimes joints hurt, morning coffee tastes a bit off,  the sky outside is cloudy, and there are pesky tasks to complete. It’s easy to sink into a dismal mood. The promised land of retirement happiness feels elusive. On such days it’s worthwhile to do a quick […]

Retirement Happiness — The everyday and the ordinary

How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. — Annie Dillard, There is something special about enjoying the ordinary things we do every day. A cup of good coffee in the morning, cats greeting me with a purr, a joke shared with my husband, the fresh smell of clean laundry, time spent […]

Happiness in Retirement — Why Exercise increases happiness

One of the easiest ways to increase happiness in retirement is to start exercising and to do some form of exercise every day. Many postworksavvy readers already make regular exercise part of their daily  retirement regime. They started exercising for weight loss, improved general health or greater body flexibility.  Their doctors urged them to undertake a moderate […]

Happiness in Retirement — What do you ‘do’ after ‘work’?

As busy dedicated professionals think about retirement, many wonder what they will ‘do’ after ‘work’.  What will make them feel worthwhile? Careers are built by focusing on goals, tasks, and rewards. Very often these are not personal goals but corporate goals — accomplishments that society affirms and rewards.  You are doing ‘something’ worthwhile. A few days ago I […]

Retirement Happiness and the World Happiness Report

If you are retired, is your retirement happiness connected to the privilege of living in a country ranked high in the world happiness report? Earlier this year the United Nations released its world happiness report.  In the 2012 report Canada ranked as the 5th happiest country in the world — behind Denmark, Finland, Norway and Netherlands. […]