Happiness in Retirement — Tears of Joy

How often do you shed tears of joy?

Last week we celebrated the birth of our first grand child with tears of joy. We were ecstatic!

Tears of Joy for our beautiful grand daughter on the evening of her birth
Tears of Joy for our beautiful grand-daughter on the evening of her birth

News of the birth came to us during the night. We were at the cottage enjoying the arrival of spring.  Thanks to social media, we received photos of the first few hours of her life along with text messages from the hospital room.

Overcome with happiness, sleep was unnecessary and we rose at dawn, packed up, and came back to the city to get to the hospital for family visiting hours.

Excitement beyond belief was the feeling in the room as both sets of grand parents, some new uncles and aunts and close family friends crowded around the helpless perfect human being and two proud parents. I sobbed and laughed in the same moment.

“Every time a child is born, a grand parent is born too”

Many readers of this blog are already grandparents and some of you have experienced this delight many times over so you remember the intense feelings of the moment when you see the grand child.

I got the biggest promotion of my life last week when I became a grand parent.

Squeals of pleasure, elation, and pure delight overwhelmed me and brought tears of joy.  The happiness was difficult to contain.

The birth of this child signalled a generational continuity as well as marking formation of a new family unit.

Seeing the pride in the eyes of our son and daughter-in-law as they held their daughter and marvelled at the flawless new being they had created was a magical moment.  Suddenly life has a new purpose for everyone in both the nuclear family and the extended family.

Now we will enjoy the love and companionship of our son and daughter-in-law and the love and companionship of our grand-daughter.

This grand mother thing makes it tough to keep emotions in check but who cares? Love is inexhaustible and I won’t apologize for the tears of joy!


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  1. Jane Anderson says: Reply

    What wonderful news Jeanette. I am very happy for you. I am sure you will be very willing babysitters for you son & daughter-in-law. Enjoy her tiny helpless stage because it is gone before you know it.

    1. Jeanette Lewis says: Reply

      Hi Jane,
      She’s three weeks old today and growing so quickly although she is certainly still in the helpless stage. It’s wonderful to experience again the joys of taking care of a newborn — but I am happy that it’s not me that gets up for those 3 am feedings!
      Be well,

  2. Your life will never be the same. Congratulation for entry into the club. We hope to here from you often.


    1. Jeanette Lewis says: Reply

      We can’t believe how quickly our thinking about life has changed. This was the May long weekend in Canada and we hosted our 3 week grand daughter along with her parents at the cottage. The term ‘family cottage’ took on new meaning as three generations enjoyed time together. We look forward to sharing many more experiences with her.
      Be well,

  3. Jeanette! I just came across your card in my little book of biz cards and thought is was about time I checked you out…then I saw your wonderful story of Rosie 🙂
    So happy for you and the family, she looks like the perfect little bundle of joy.
    You are already a wonderful Grandma, because you are such a wonderful women.
    Light and love,

    1. Jeanette Lewis says: Reply

      Thanks for your vote of support. Becoming ‘Grandma J’ opens another big chapter in my life!
      Be well, Jeanette

  4. Hearty Congratulations and what a beautiful baby!!
    Thanks for great blog (again!) Janet

    1. Jeanette Lewis says: Reply

      We think she is beautiful as well and can’t stop admiring her! The picture I posted was taken before she was 24 hours old. I’ve just returned from a visit and I am surprised to see how much she grows and changes with each passing day. I will have to restrain myself from turning my blog into a grand parenting blog!
      Be well,

  5. congraulations.becoming a grandparent is indeed one of life’s greatest pleasures…a true game changer

    1. Jeanette Lewis says: Reply

      You’re right — it is a game-changer! I know now why everyone goes gaga with the birth of a grand child and also why grand parents boast of how many grand children they have. It’s a wonderful feeling to hold and cherish this new baby!
      Be well,

  6. Robin Lelievre says: Reply

    Wonderful news! Congratulations Jeanette! I was reflecting on the joys of being a grandmother, just this morning, as I recalled a backyard visit with my 3 youngest grandchildren (2, 4, and 5)last evening. They are so full of love and it seems the thing they value the most from this memere is that I see and hear them. Look memere, watch me memere, know what memere?…And this is all happening at the same time. Enjoy the love!

    1. Jeanette Lewis says: Reply

      We’ve just come home from another visit to see our dear grand daughter. It is a marvel to see such a perfect baby and to watch everyone falling in love with her.
      These life events are blessings beyond words.
      Be well and enjoy your dear grand children!

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