21 Days Without my Husband — A Winter Storm Approaches

Day 3 without my husband — I’m settling-in to await arrival of the biggest snow storm to hit the Greater Toronto Area in many years.

Canadians stay aware of the weather at all times — especially during winter when storms can get dangerous. Today Environment Canada issued a storm warning that predicts 20 – 30 centimeters  of snow along with high winds and temperatures of minus 10-12 Celsius.

In other words, it will snow a lot; it will be freezing cold; and the wind will blow everything around causing white-outs!  We are in for a good old-fashioned blizzard.

It’s time to ‘hunker down’ and prepare to take a break from the everyday world.

For the duration of the storm, I will cocoon at home.  I’ll enjoy my stash of snacks, dip into the stock of wine, and eat comfort food until the weather calms down.

There is a good supply of reading on my bedside table to keep me amused.  I’ve worked my way through the finalist best sellers of the CBC Canada Reads competition but have finished only two of the five books.   I must also finish reading the novel we will discuss at  the February book club meeting .

If reading gets tiresome, there is also lots of sewing and stitching to complete the baby quilt that I have started for our first grandchild who will be born in the spring.  And, of course, there are always knitting projects should I get too idle!

With a storm approaching it is time to hope for no loss of electricity.  Underground hydro lines in our suburb give good stability in the supply of power.  If there is an outage, I’ve prepared the fireplace with kindling and logs.  I’ve also ensured that flashlights have working batteries and that there is supply of candles.

Hopefully the approaching storm will just be a major nuisance.  I do confess that my big worry during a storm is for no loss of electricity because that means the furnace stops. The fireplace in  the family room puts out some heat but won’t keep me comfortable for very long.

A couple of days ago I wrote about enjoying time alone during these 21 days without my husband.  Perhaps this nasty weather system is colluding to enforce my dream of solitude during my husband’s absence. Since I won’t be able to leave home, solitude is my only choice!

4 Replies to “21 Days Without my Husband — A Winter Storm Approaches”

  1. Woe is you! …and all the other people enjoying a ‘Snow Day’. I find the snow beautiful, silent, clean and refreshing. It makes the night look almost as bright as daylight. Where I come from, the African continent, a storm is violent, noisy and downright dangerous. This is such a pleasure.

    1. Jeanette Lewis says: Reply

      The snow is refreshing and beautiful but there is so much of it! I’m happy to be ‘snowed in’ today!
      Be well,

  2. Hi J.,
    I have it top you on the weather front. We are In New Zealand and had a tsunami warning this week.Earthquake in the Solomon Islands.But thankfully in Christchurch it didn’t amount to anything.
    Stay warm.

    Cyndy C. And the Boys

    1. Jeanette Lewis says: Reply

      Hi Cyndy,
      Your weather situation does top this storm! I heard about the tsunami warning for the Solomon Islands but did not think that it would affect New Zealand. I hope you are having lots of great experiences and enjoying some beach time.
      Be well,

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