21 Days Without my Husband — Feeling the Freedom

Day 2 — I’m feeling the freedom!

I woke up to bright blue skies. A good dose of February sunshine always cheers me.  Perhaps it’s my Saskatchewan roots where the sun shines every day of the winter even when it’s freezing cold.

It felt a bit strange not to chat with my husband this morning.

I decided that breakfast would be more fun with music and played a recent Four Tenors CD at top volume.  Those arias had me singing at the top of my lungs even though I don’t carry a tune very well and don’t know Italian.  I asked myself “who cares?”

Today was the perfect day to have lunch with an awesome friend who is full of life.  Aside from some great Thai food we had an animated conversation.

Spending time with people who are excited about life and who are doing interesting things is energizing.  The fact that I had all the time in the world to enjoy being with my friend made the lunch even more special.

Why the feeling of freedom?

As I thought about the feeling of freedom that I had through the day, I wondered why I felt this so strongly.

I’m not in a marriage where my husband controls what I do, who I see, nor when I do things.  He encourages me to live my life as I please.  Our relationship is strong and allows each of us lots of personal space.

But today I felt none of the obligations that come from being in a relationship.  My choices were not restricted nor limited by any expectations that I place on myself.

The day was mine to do as I pleased.  Hence, the feeling of freedom!

I’m not sure that I would want every day to be like this as I know that purpose in life is important to me.  But for me, in this time and in this place, today was a perfect gift for a perfect sunny day!



2 Replies to “21 Days Without my Husband — Feeling the Freedom”

  1. Robin Lelievre says: Reply

    I love following your blog Jeanette…your reflections of retirement and work are very insightful and inspiring. The recent posts about the experience of being apart in relationship bring a smile to my face as I relate to every word you write. When my colleagues and I talk about our transition from the work we do now into a new adventure we call “retirement”, I always refer them to your blog. I for one am inspired by you and by others who have retired before me. You are role models that this next stage of life holds many gifts…and numerous possibitlies to be proud of our “elder” status, to stop and smell the roses, and to discover or rediscover our talents to complete the “pieces of work” that we were born to do. – In gratitude, Robin

    1. Jeanette Lewis says: Reply

      Hi Robin, Thanks for your insightful comments. I am pleased that you enjoy the blog posts. Yes, achieving ‘elder’ status is a time when many new doors open. I feel badly for those who see this time of life as an ending. Retirement has allowed me to do so many of the things that I had to set aside during my career. Now I can enjoy life in a manner that is very different from the career days. What a gift!
      Be well, Jeanette

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