20 little things that make a BIG Difference

Taking a moment to appreciate the little things that make  you happy is time well-spent.

little things that make a big difference
little things make a big difference — count your blessings photo courtesy of Saucy Salad

Appreciation of little things helps me to stay optimistic and to keep a fresh perspective.  When I open my eyes to the good things happening around me I stay focused on the blessings of life.

So please indulge this postworksavvy blogger as I enjoy a bit of whimsy with a list of small things that make a big difference — in my day, my week and my life.

Little things that make a big difference

These are the things on my appreciation list:

1. Getting a cup of freshly brewed coffee served in bed by my husband of 46 years — he does it every day!!!

2. Comfortable shoes that let me walk all day without sore feet.  Since re-gaining mobility after 18 months of restricted ability to walk, I no longer take my feet for granted.

3.  A good haircut that falls into place without fuss and brings compliments from strangers.  My barber is also an excellent stylist — and he charges me the same amount as he charges the male customers.

4. An unexpected income tax rebate. Most often Canada Revenue writes mid-year to ask for more money.  Sometimes there is as surprise and the envelope contains  rebate cheque — Oh Happy Day!

5. An afternoon of bridge with lots of laughter and a few good hands of cards.

6. Leftovers than can quickly be made into a meal the next day.   Sometimes it’s a relief from cooking every day to find leftovers in the fridge that don’t need much fussing or prep time.

7. An 3 cent per litre reduction in the price of gas just when my car is running on fumes.

8. Taking last winter’s clothes out of storage and finding that they still fit and look good.  Finding a ten-dollar bill in a jacket pocket is an extra bonus!

9. Enjoying the smell and rustle of autumn leaves while raking the backyard on a sunny October day.

10. Learning new skills on the computer usually takes many hours and results in frustration.  Occasionally there is a break through which makes me feel like a competent person again.

11. Working on projects that are consistent with current life priorities. Spending time doing what is important to me makes me feel that I have accomplished something.

12. Spending time outdoors.  Whether it’s a long walk or time spent sitting on a park bench, fresh air revives my spirits and changes my outlook.

13. Driving within the speed limit and arriving on time.  Why rush? When going a short distance, speed is usually irrelevant to arrival time.

14. An unexpected phone call from my son just to say “hi mom — how’s your day going?”

15. Baking my own bread and buns. There is something quite satisfying about kneading a dough mixture and watching it rise miraculously.  Best of all, the aroma of fresh bread brings everyone to the kitchen.

16. Taking time to enjoy a wood fire with my husband on a cool October evening.

17. Homemade soup especially when it’s full of veggies that keep me healthy.

18. A hug from my husband.

19. Lots of fresh towels in the showers after my morning workout at the gym.

20. Cheering up my neighbour when she is lonely and needing someone for company.

This is the list for today — some items will change by next week but that’s the beauty of life. No two days are the same so the list keeps evolving and changing.

I hope that my list will encourage you to think about those little things in your life that make a big difference.  Maybe you’ll make your own list — and keep adding to it as you appreciate everything that makes your life precious.

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2 Replies to “20 little things that make a BIG Difference”

  1. It really does help to remember these little things that make our day. Enjoyed reading your list. It’s nice to hear what others experience and appreciate in their daily lives.

    1. Jeanette Lewis says: Reply

      Hi Glenda, Knowing that this list brought enjoyment to you and that you took the time to comment is another item that I add to my gratitude list for this week. Revealing aspects of ourselves sometimes helps others to look at their own world with new eyes. I hope to read about your personal list on your blog in future!
      Be well, Jeanette

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