What’s the meaning of “I’m too busy” ?

Do you often hear words like “I’m too busy” or “I’ve been busy” or, simply “busy” as a response when greeted with ‘how are you’? When someone greets me with “how are you?” — too often, I respond with words indicating that I’ve been busy. The response says little yet it is socially acceptable. “I’ve […]

Too Many Commitments

Is your retirement happiness compromised by too many commitments? Is your daily/weekly schedule overloaded? Are you stressed out with too little time to smell the roses? Do you have time for goofing off  or doing nothing? Too many retired people say they are busier than ever. As a result, they find themselves overwhelmed because a […]

Too Many Choices –Time Management Decisions in Retirement

‘”Too much to do — too little time” Yesterday, in the post-exercise coffee shop conversation at the gym several women lamented about how busy they were. They complained that their retirement schedules were as over-crowded as work schedules had been.  Everyone struggled to find enough time for the gym, for grand-children, for hobbies, for travel, […]

Why Overcoming the Habit of Multi-tasking Creates a Successful Retirement

Did you spend most of your career juggling several priorities? Was it commonplace to deal with too many demands — work/home; personal/career? Did you feel inundated with responsibilities and requests? Did you wish for more hours in the day to complete tasks? In the last few years of my working life, I could answer ‘yes’ […]