Old Lady Shoes

Since my recent hip surgery, I’m loving my old lady shoes. These shoes are flat-soled lace-up styles or flat-soled shoes with a MaryJane-type strap across the arch. They give stability rather than style.  I’ve traded style for comfort and it hasn’t been easy.  However, if I want to walk through the rest of my days, […]

Happiness in Retirement — Summertime, Cottage Days and Taking Stock

As the summer days gallop past I’ve been thinking about how I’m spending these precious days at the cottage. In late June, when we typically re-locate the cats and ‘move’ to the cottage, it seemed that summertime would be as endless as the horizon on Lake Huron. A change of routine excited me.  I looked […]

How do you know what to ignore in your retirement?

It’s that time of year when many people make resolutions.  The traditional resolutions — to lose (or gain) weight, to start an exercise program, to clear the clutter, to eat better, to sleep more, to eliminate debt are familiar categories.  I freed myself from resolutions a few years ago and began writing down my aspirations […]