How do you assess your life’s work in retirement?

As we grow older, it’s common to assess your life’s work.  In the past six weeks as I’ve recovered from the flu and another bout of pneumonia, there’s been too much time for staring at the bedroom ceiling and thinking.  I’ve assessed my life’s work since retirement six years ago.  I’ve also been thinking about plans […]

Respect the Speed Limits of Life — Part 2

As a result of a comment regarding a recent post,, I had further thoughts about the practicality of the speed limits of life commitments I’ve made. A loyal reader and good friend gently reminded me that life is short. To live well, retirement should not be about rigid schedules and productivity expectations.  She advised […]

Retirement Indulgences

Retirement indulgences are highly individualistic pleasures.  Some consider them ‘guilty pleasures’. I consider retirement indulgences the benefits of life after work.   Retirement indulgences are those pleasures that give enjoyment and make life worth living. There is no guilt involved. Retirement is the time in life to indulge in freedoms that come with growing older, […]

How to leave your work and enjoy retirement

Have you truly left your work and career behind? Have you moved past who you were during your career? Do you find yourself beginning too many sentences with words like ” When I ……” and then recounting achievements from career days? Do you struggle with answering the question “what do you do?” at social gatherings? […]

Enjoying your retirement — how to stay focused on your priorities

All of us look forward to enjoying retirement and to filling our days with activities that matter. Through the last months of my career, I often thought about how I would spend my time.  I dreamed of having enough time for hobbies, for physical fitness, for entertaining friends, for relaxing, and for learning new things. […]

Enjoying Retirement: A Dozen Secrets that Really Work

What are the secrets for enjoying retirement? After spending so many years pursuing career dreams, retirement is s gift that is meant to be savoured and enjoyed. Unfortunately, many people don’t enjoy the retirement years.  They long for the excitement they experienced while working.  They miss the camaraderie of colleagues.  There is a sense of […]