My Favourite Time of Year

Mid-June to mid-July is my favourite time of year. This is when we get the first brilliant burst of summer. 

My energy level increases with the welcome, and abundant sunshine. I get things done easily. 

 It’s a seasonal transition — a time for mental and emotional growth and change — before the summer malaise when my creativity wanes. I try to embrace this time as an opportunity to find something new in life.

More Hours of Daylight

From mid-June until mid-July, in the Northern hemisphere, we have the longest days as the summer solstice approaches.  I finish more projects with these extended daylight hours. My bonus comes in the evening as there’s plenty of time to linger outdoors before darkness arrives — even for those of us who eat a late dinner.

Moderate Temperatures

The weather is warm — indeed, it’s hot today as I write this post! Usually, it’s not blazing hot at this time of year and that means I can go to the beach without wanting to run straight into the water.  Bugs aren’t biting. School is in session so crowds haven’t arrived in our beach town.

Open Windows

How luxurious to open the windows and feel the fresh air blowing through every room! On most days we can enjoy fresh air in the house.  No heat or air conditioning! 

Sleeping with the windows wide open during cool nights feels blissful and self-indulgent. I wake up refreshed to bird songs and sunshine streaming in!

Greenery is Everywhere

On my morning walks, I enjoy neighbourhood gardens in full bloom. While the brilliant colours delight, the best sensory experience comes from the smells of peonies, honeysuckle and roses — especially after rainfall during the night. Bees buzzing in the flower gardens and doing their work of pollination always lift my mood.

my GB walking path
My Favourite Time of Year

The greenery of the landscape, especially the trees gives a calmness that can last all day! The photo above shows my favourite walking path at the cottage — a perfect spot to enjoy the leaves on the trees as well as leaves on the forest floor.

Celebrating Asparagus and Strawberries

Since early May, we’ve indulged in fresh Ontario asparagus.  Since the peak season ends sometime in June, each trip to the market for another fresh bunch gives cause for a celebratory meal before we resort to eating imported asparagus.

This is also the time of year when fresh Ontario strawberries arrive in the markets.  Regardless of price, I buy Ontario-grown strawberries.   We eat them the same day — sometimes with ice cream or thick pouring cream.  At least once — usually for Canada Day celebrations on July 1 — I produce a mouth-watering and calorie-dense strawberry shortcake dessert with fresh whipped cream.

Wardrobe Transition  

In June I can finally put away the winter jackets, ankle boots, and warm flannel shirts.  I can wear lighter clothes —  t-shirts, cotton pants, and sundresses! My feet feel free in comfortable sandals — no need for wool socks! I compare the wardrobe transition to finding a closet filled with new clothes. It gives me pleasure to have a change of wardrobe.

Finally, during this short time before the extremely hot summer days, I’ll spend as much time as possible outdoors.  The days will fly by too quickly so I resolve to move as many activities as possible outside whether it’s morning coffee on the deck, dinner al fresco, or yoga exercises on the lawn. Before the summer heat arrives, I’ll walk every day, enjoy the colourful flowers, and indulge in all the smells of my favourite season.

8 Replies to “My Favourite Time of Year”

  1. Yes, I feel we have waited so long (no warm prelude in May this year) for summer in North Yorkshire but it has finally arrived and is just as wonderful as you describe, save that, whilst taking part in a Yoga class outdoors, I have managed to get bitten by tiny red spiders!

    1. Oh dear — spider bites are the worst! I’ve passed on outdoor yoga classes this year. I do put out my mat and try a few poses on the deck at our cottage. The morning sunshine adds something to the sun salutations!
      I hope you are tolerating the heat in the UK that I hear about in the news. We have had 3 heat alerts in our part of Ontario this summer. Stay well and stay cool!

  2. How do they say – you are my sister from another mother! I love June. It is as you describe – with all its wonderful qualities. I love sleeping with windows open. I love walking and seeing all the flowers. I love the temperatures and the time of low humidity. This year is different though. Hot, hot, hot! I’m hoping this means we will get June weather later in July or even August. I can hope! Thanks for an uplifting post!

    1. I see news reports of the extremely hot weather in so many places in the US. We have had two heat waves with alerts in Southern Ontario and summer hasn’t officially arrived! In the last week I’ve had to turn on the AC at the cottage for two days and tonight, my husband is threatening to turn on the gas fireplace as the temperatures have dropped and we have a nasty wind coming off Lake Huron.
      I’m increasingly distressed by the severe weather that hits so many areas of North America. This gives me more determination to enjoy those blissful summer days without heat or humidity. I do hope you get a reprieve from the heat — especially for your pickleball games!

  3. Beth Respess says: Reply

    Thank you for reminding me of all the things to enjoy this time of year. We are way south of you and baking hot now, but many things you mentioned are here too. And in our new over 55 cottage, we are thankful for hummingbirds, fireflies, and the chorus of frogs in the retention pond behind us, letting us know they are on the job saving us from swarms of mosquitoes.

    1. The baking heat in southern areas can be tough at this time of year. For those of us in Canada, it’s in the January to March timeframe when we all need some ‘baking hot’ weather.
      All of us need to appreciate the beauty of the season and the joys of nature wherever we live. Fireflies surround our cottage deck in July and August but we seldomly see hummingbirds. Your spot sounds like a lovely place!

  4. Jeanette it’s a joy to read your words even if I am a Fall kind of girl!

    1. I love fall as well but it gives me a different kind of energy. September always feels like the start of a new year — perhaps because my birthday is in mid-September or because it’s the time we always started a new school year. It all comes down to finding something to love in every season!

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