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  1. Hi again Jeanette,

    I later thought my comment a bit incomplete especially with regard to my “Who would have thought”!

    I think I was being facetious – given all your years in the workforce, being a Nan and all your life experiences/questions you have shared with us – one wouldn’t be surprised to see a grey hair or two peeping through. I have my share!!!

    I too love and embrace the time and money saved by going a la naturale. My comment though, about all the trumpeting and writings about embracing it (going grey) – quite young women are so often used in the promos!



    1. Hi Janet,
      It’s good to know that you embrace your grey locks. I’m hoping that more women have the confidence to let aging happen. Too often I watch women undergo painful and expensive procedures to change what is inevitable. I try to take care of my appearance and my body; my goal is to age gracefully!
      Be well,

  2. Saw your interview. Loved it and terrific to see you ‘in action and ‘in real life’. Well almost! You were great. I imagined you with dark hair…. what was I thinking?

    1. Hi Janet,
      I’m glad to know that you watched the interview.
      I love my short, white hair. My hair began to turn grey in my mid-thirties and by age forty it was almost white. I decided that I would leave it in its natural state. It has saved me hours of agony (and many hundreds of $$$) at hair dressing salons. To keep it short, I go with my husband to his barber — now, there’s something else you didn’t know about me!
      Be well,

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