Damn! A summer cold

All is not well in postworksavvy Shangrila as I fight a nasty summer cold.  Yes, even happy retired people with plans for summer fun struggle with the aches and pains of colds and flus.  Coughing episodes and sniffles are not part of the plan during sunny hot July weather with World Cup games to watch and beach time to log.  I complain; I sleep; I make chicken soup; I drink gallons of orange juice and take my favourite over-the-counter medicines.  Yet the virus persists.

Despite all efforts to quell its effects, I have been struck with a disagreeable and persistent cold and a cough that makes me feel like Whooping Cough may be the real diagnosis.  After a quick check-up at the local walk-in clinic here in cottage land I am assured that it is indeed a summer virus but one that needs patience as it lasts several days.

How does postworksavvy cope with this while still enjoying retirement?

  1. Accepting the reality of illness — and adapting the schedule to allow for doing absolutely nothing.
  2. Nobody wants to catch your germs so cancel activities, renege on invitations and events with friends or appointments.   This is a time to hibernate and stay at home.
  3. Get lots of sleep to allow the body to use its resources to fight the virus.  Surely so the luxury of spending more time sleeping needs little prompting nor explanation.
  4. Remember your mother’s advice and drink lots of fluids including the afore-mentioned chicken soup — even in the hot weather.   Green tea has also been sustaining me during the past few days.
  5. Start one of those epic novels because you will have lots of time for reading — and the reading will pass the time and take your mind off your discomfort.
  6. Limit your complaining as nobody wants to hear your troubles.  Realizing that you are not the first person to be stricken with a summer cold helps to put things in perspective.  A pity party makes no sense as it is wasting valuable time.  And there is nothing savvy about wasting time feeling sorry for yourself.
  7. Finally remember that this unpleasant time is nothing but a temporary setback and make some great plans for the rest of the summer season.  Use the down time to review your summer bucket list and challenge yourself to develop concrete plans to complete at least some of the items on that list.

Afterall postworksavvy is about making the most of the precious time in the post career journey.  While the summer cold is a miserable nuisance, it can be a time for re-focusing, reviewing, and renewing your commitments to yourself.  The gift of the virsus may that it forces reflection and re-evaluation.  Use the time well and stop coughing as it is disturbing me!

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