Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

In keeping with a touch of whimsey for January blog posts, this piece is to honour ‘Answer your Cat’s Questions Day’. Wow!  Who knew that January 22 was such a special day?

To get us through difficult times and cold winter days as well as to amuse cat lovers among readers,  I pose and answer cat questions.

Full disclosure, I don’t own a cat — anymore.  I’m 76 and my husband is 86.  Because a cat would most likely outlive us, we decided it prudent to love cats that belong to others.

For most of my life, I owned at least one, and usually two cats and I think that qualifies me to muse on the topic of cat questions and, my ideas about their remarks to owners. My cats always talked to me — and, I talked back to them.  Sometimes they made me smile.  Often I laughed.  Sometimes I cried in frustration. If you have ever lived with a cat, read on.

Here are some of the questions asked by the cats along with my responses.

Question — Why is the cat door locked?  Answer — I locked it because raccoons hang around on the deck at night and they may be tempted to get in.  We don’t need raccoons in the house!

Question — Why is the cat door broken? Answer — The cat door is broken because our granddaughter saw you going through it and she tried to climb through.  We’ll get it fixed tomorrow.

Question — Why did you buy that can of food when you know I don’t like it?  Answer — You liked it the last time I bought it.

Question — Why must I use the sawdust litter? It smells like pine cones.  Answer — The new litter is dust-free and is made from pine trees. It’s good for the environment.

Question — Why are you sitting in my chair? Answer — You know that it’s my chair and, I pay the taxes.

Question — Why don’t you share that piece of cheddar? Answer — It’s ‘people’ food.  You have your own food.

Question — Why did my face get stuck in the yogurt container? Answer — You snatched that small container from the garbage and rammed your face into it to lick the yogurt.  You should be grateful that I pulled it off your face!

Question — Why must I sit in this carrier while we drive to the cottage? I hate the car.  Answer — It’s safer for you in the carrier and it’s easier to clean because you often barf when you’re in the car.

Question — Why are you wiping my drool from your sleeve? Answer — I know you are purring and cuddling but I don’t want cat spit on my clothes.

Question — Why don’t you like me jumping on the island — it’s a perfect spot to line up for the leap onto the fridge! Answer — you aren’t allowed on counters, the island, nor on top of the fridge!!!

Question — Why are you laughing when I scoot up the stairs and down again at full speed? Nobody laughs at you when you run. Answer — I know you need your exercise and I marvel at your ability to go so fast.

Question — Why can’t I drink from the faucet or lick water after you’ve been in the shower?  It’s so cool to hear the water and it tastes so much better than what’s in my dish. Answer — Your feet get wet and make a mess! Go drink from your bowl.

Question — Why does my sister use the same litter box that I want to use? She shouldn’t be allowed to go first. Answer — There are three litter boxes for two cats.  We clean them every day.  Pick one and don’t complain.

Question — Why do you buy potted plants and then get mad when I nibble the leaves and throw up? Answer — Many plants are poisonous and, as to the ones that are safe, I don’t like the leaves looking chewed up.

Question — What’s wrong with sleeping on your head?  I like the smell of your hair. Answer — You have your own bed — use it!

Question — Why shouldn’t I bring home a dead mouse?  It’s a present. Answer — Keep your prey outside where you found it!  Eat your food instead of hunting.

Question — Why wouldn’t I spit out that pill?  Do you think I don’t know that I was at the veterinary hospital today? Answer — We will have to find another way for you to take your meds!

Question — Why are you mad at me when I rub myself against your new black pants or lie down on your sweater? What does it matter if you have a bit of my fur on your clothes? Answer — None.  I’ll get the fabric roller.

Question –Do you like my winks?  They say I love you.  Answer  — I love you too!

Finally, here are a couple of photos of cats I owned and loved.

Answer Your Cats Questions — my beautiful tuxedo cat, Woody
Answer Your Cats Questions Day — my beautiful Tinkerbell!

Thanks for reading this post.  I hope some of the questions and answers brought a knowing smile to all readers who own and love their cats.




8 Replies to “Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day”

  1. Never have I ever lived with a cat. But I did enjoy this post. Made me smile.

    1. Until recently, I’ve always had one or two cats. They were great companions and never demanded too much from me. I’ve never had a dog though people tell me that they would never live without a dog. Each to his (her) own!

  2. Thanks for this delightful post. We have a calico cat, Sammy. And I believe she has many of the very same questions. Wouldn’t it be nice to ask our cat questions? Why do they like to lie on our head? Why do they run at full gallop at seemingly random times? Why do they like to lick the shower basin after our shower? We keep her off the kitchen counters when we are home, but I’d bet she is on them often when we are gone. Sammy is a joy to have (most times). She wil sit on my lap anytime she can. If I take her outside, she will stay right near me. Woody and Tinkerbell were beautiful cats, too. To me, calico cats look like they are dressed up in tuxedos. You reminded me of how much I love her. Enjoy your day!

    1. One of our vets told me that calico cats are more intelligent than tuxedo cats or tabbies. She may have said this as, at the time, we had a calico cat. I’ve had all three types and found all of them intelligent and charming in their own way. Our son and daughter-in-law adopted a calico kitten a few months ago. I’m vicariously enjoying her antics as she grows and her adult personality emerges. I get to ‘cat-sit’ and am now called cat gramma!
      Be well,

  3. I loved this blog, made me chuckle throughout and reminisce about the cats that have been in my life. Thank you Jeanette.

    1. Aren’t we fortunate that cats lived with us and provided so many hours of companionship? I remember when you had to give away one of your cats when you sold your house. It mush have broken your heart.
      Be well,

  4. Next month I’ll be 86 and recently obtained a cat to control the rodent population around our house on Salt Spring Island. The cat has taken over my life and probably has a few questions of it’s own:

    “Why do you want me to go outside? It’s much cosier inside”
    “Why can’t I lick your face all night?”
    “Why do you not want me to follow you around all the time.”
    “Why can’t I play on the keyboard when you’re using the computer?”
    It no longer will eat unless I am with present, hates the water spray I use to train it to stay off the table, but will not learn!

    If it outlives me it will have a home with one of my daughters, who love the monster.

    1. Ah… are lucky to have such a devoted companion.
      Cats are the best. I do miss having the two whose pictures I posted. They brought so much love into our household.
      Good luck with controlling the rodents.

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