A New Year and A Year-End Assessment

Happy New Year to all postworksavvy readers!

Many readers know that I write monthly posts for a retirement newsletter.  In today’s publication at http://www.exploringretirement.co.uk you will find my year-end assessment, along with other interesting articles.

I highly recommend the article, “Retirement — Regrets and Resolutions”, written by John Copelton, editor of Exploring Retirement. Prior to retirement, John worked as a psychologist.  His extensive training in positive psychology comes through in all of his writing.


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  1. Great website! I put a copy of “Retirement — Regrets and Resolutions” at my desk to remind me to stay focused in 2016. Question: is there a Subscribe option for the Exploring Retirement newsletter?

    1. Hi Lynn,
      John Copelton’s article “Retirement– Regrets and Resolutions” is excellent. I wish I had his advice before I retired in 2010.
      I will forward you question about a Subscribe option for Exploring Retirementnewsletter to John. Every issue has worthwhile ideas for the retirement journey.
      Be well,

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