40 Reasons to Smile

Smiling and laughing are contagious.  When you are with people who are smiling and laughing, it makes you feel like smiling.  Seeing the smiles of others affects your own emotional state and your sense of well-being.

Since I remain housebound as I recover from hip replacement surgery, it’s been a challenge to maintain a positive outlook and to keep smiling during a time that sometimes feels like house arrest.  I decided to take a more light-hearted approach to this post and list some of the reasons for smiling.

  1. You are on track with living your dream
  2. Your gratitude list is growing
  3. You are making progress on you bucket list
  4. You don’t have Christmas bills
  5. You kept your resolutions (if you made any — I didn’t)
  6. You learned something important today
  7. You had your teeth cleaned
  8. Your spouse/partner brought you flowers
  9. You love yourself
  10. You finished a key project
  11. You threw out 5 things that were cluttering your life
  12. You went to the spa
  13. You exercised
  14. Your spouse/partner brought you coffee in bed
  15. You cleaned up your in-box
  16. You received a compliment from a stranger
  17. You finished all the laundry
  18. You walked in the fresh snow
  19. You walked on the beach
  20. You walked after your hip surgery
  21. You ate your veggies
  22. You solved the daily Sudoku
  23. You finished the daily crossword
  24. A friend called you with an invitation
  25. You had time to nap
  26. You held a baby and it did not respond with a wail
  27. Your cats snuggled and purred without wanting food
  28. You had a phone call from a friend you considered ‘lost’
  29. Sunshine was streaming through your window on a winter day
  30. You did something nice for somebody who needed a favour
  31. You got great jeans that fit
  32. You heard your husband’s laughter
  33. You found $20 tucked in the pocket of an infrequently-worn jacket
  34. Your received a bouquet of helium balloons
  35. Your narcissus bulbs started blooming
  36. You planned a vacation
  37. You had some great cupcakes
  38. You had a foot massage
  39. You found your favourite fleece hoodie in a neglected closet
  40. Your neighbour’s children made snow angels in your front yard

I could go on and on but you’re probably bored by now.  Make your own list. Revise it periodically.  And smile.


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2 Replies to “40 Reasons to Smile”

  1. Catherine Caesar says: Reply

    Hello Jeanette,
    I agree that smiling and laughing contribute positively to one’s emotional state and sense of well being. One of the things that makes me smile and laugh more often is fellowshipping with others. And of course face-to-face fellowship is more effective than fellowship via technology. This has been important throughout my entire life, but is even more important, now that I am retired. There is nothing better than periodic fellowshipping with friends and relatives. I sometimes reminisce on my almost seven years of retirement, and always seem to dwell on the times I fellowshipped with friends and relatives. The bonus is that reminiscing brings more laughter.
    To all readers: Fellowship, smile, laugh and enjoy retirement!!

    1. Well said. The fellowship of those people you treasure is a gift of immeasurable value; life takes on new meaning from these encounters and the memories of these experiences provide many smiles. Ciao, Jeanette

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