21 Days Without my Husband — Welcoming him home

Day 21 — It’s time to welcome him home.

Tonight I’ll make the airport trek to pick up my husband after his annual vacation to visit family and friends in Trinidad, his home country.  I’m excited.

After three weeks of cooking for one or, mostly, avoiding any cooking, I have re-stocked the refrigerator.  I’ve also tidied the house, changed the sheets, cleaned up the litter boxes and the cat feeding station.

With a bit of time left over I decided to consult the internet about ways to welcome a husband back from a trip.  Some of the ideas are most interesting but will not be tried in this postworksavvy life.

  • Several sites offered advice like ‘welcome home’ banners and signs.  This idea is not in character for me.  I know that my husband would wonder what was wrong if he saw banners or signs outside of the house — my neighbours would also get inquisitive and wonder what is happening with our marriage.
  • Another site suggested making a romantic screen saver for his computer and writing a poem or letter describing how much he was missed.  My technical skills don’t stretch to creating screen savers and any poetry would be plagiarized.
  • Frequent advice included romantic dinners with favourite foods, wine and candles. I know that some home-cooking will be welcome but likely candles and wine will wait until tomorrow as he is on a late flight.  Knowing my husband, his favourite single malt with crackers and good cheese might find more favour than a meal.
  • One website suggested washing and cleaning his car. As I used his car while he was away, I have already done the car wash routine. I know that he will appreciate a clean car.
  • Almost every site has advice that anticipates sex as part of the reunion.  There is advice to wear a sexy lingerie (or less) with only a coat as cover when doing the airport run; there is practical advice like clearing clutter from the bedroom; and there are many romantic suggestions including one from a woman who smeared sushi all over herself and then stretched out on the kitchen table (no kidding!)  If I were to use most of these techniques, I’m sure that he would wonder what guilty reasons caused my actions.  I also know that raw fish smells bad.
  • There was advice to put on make-up and fix your hair. Huh?  I don’t need that advice. If I appeared anywhere without make-up he would wonder if I had the flu and my short hair cut means little fixing.
  • Another suggestion was to “arrange his pillow, take off his shoes, and speak in a low and pleasant voice”.  Oh my goodness! This advice may be helpful in some cultures and in some relationships but, thank you very much,  the feminist in me will leave him to take off his own shoes and arrange his own pillow.  My voice won’t be low because I’ll be excited but I do hope that I can be pleasant!

I’ve been amused with these suggestions.  Unfortunately most of them are inconsistent with our lifestyle — or inappropriate for our relationship.

I do know that my husband will look forward to returning to the comfort of home and what it means — family, love, trust, appreciation, respect.   

Living apart for three weeks has provided a change of pace for both of us.  I know that I will be happy to get back into ‘couple’ routines. I have missed my husband and I’ll tell him so.  Once again, as happens every year when he takes his solo vacation, I have learned not to take him for granted — even if he annoys me from time to time!



6 Replies to “21 Days Without my Husband — Welcoming him home”

  1. Finally, a voice of reason for the middle aged! Thank you for writing what goes through my mind whenever I read most of the online suggestions. And thank you for the reminder that the love is always the answer.

    1. Some of the online suggestions are downright silly!
      I’m glad to know this post resonated with you. It’s an older post but many people keep coming to it.
      Be well,

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    1. Thanks for your suggestion but making money is not the purpose of my blog.

  3. ha ha pretty funny advice………………I wouldn;t be able to pull off any except the cleaning of the car i think…..well maybe a nice meal……………..good conversation, wine and cheese is better than sex!

    1. Jeanette Lewis says: Reply

      I agree — getting a car wash was as far as I went.
      I was so happy he got home before the snow happened this week — I didn’t have to fight with the snow blower!
      Be well,

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