Spring and Renewal

Spring is thought of as a time of renewal — a time for new beginnings. Or, is it? It’s tough to feel renewed amid daily news of political turmoil, climate anxiety, an epidemic of homelessness, and repeated mass shootings. The world has become a scary place.  Every newscast brings its version of ‘breaking news’ with […]

Retirement Happiness — Use Your ‘Psychic Armour’

One morning last week as I drove to the gym for morning exercise,  I listened to a short documentary about the importance of psychic armour. I was intrigued. I had never thought of psychic armour as a method of protection from the inevitable stresses or anxieties that can unexpectedly hit anyone at any time. Whether […]

The Distraction Enemy in Retirement

As too many tech devices compete for attention, I’m determined to deal with the distraction enemy in retirement. Who would have thought that technology would create angst after we’ve left the office? Whether from text messages, emails, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or old-fashioned voice mail, on most days digital demands rob every one of precious time. […]