National Goof Off Day

In keeping with whimsical themes, I invite readers to celebrate National Goof Off Day! It’s a day to relax and have some fun.

After two years of living with fears of the Covid-19 virus and, in recent weeks, watching a war in Ukraine destroy the way of life for millions of innocent people, everyone needs to take a break, breathe deeply, and let go of obligations for a day. This is not a day for productivity and getting things done.

History of Goof Off Day

According to the internet (my font of modern knowledge!), National Goof Off Day was created by Monica Dufour of Davidson, MI in 1971. It’s a commemoration of the movie Ferris Beuller’s Day Off .

It’s a tribute to Monica that she was only 10 years old when she created this day!

We can take a lesson from Ferris Beuller’s decision to take a day off school to do nothing but have fun. 

What Can You Do to Goof Off?

man and woman standing near railing of river
National Goof Off Day — photo courtesy of Timur Romanov on Unsplash

The answer is easy — just decide to goof off and do whatever you like. Forget productivity and do only useless things! Sleep late. Eat junk foods. Play video games. Day-dream a little (or a lot), Or, simply, do nothing!

You might try re-watching the movie, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off . Or you might re-watch other goofy movies.

If you have young children around you, do something that’s purely fun with them and observe how they enjoy playtime with a goofy adult. You might blow bubbles, have a pillow fight, make popcorn, or play a favourite game.

Readers who still work every day might consider telling funny jokes at the water cooler or posting silly emojis on emails to co-workers. Do something silly like passing out bubble gum as a fun treat Just don’t get into too much trouble!

Healthwise, we know the importance of relaxing our bodies and our minds.  Perhaps National Goof Off Day can be considered a mental health tonic! Forgetting about deadlines and commitments for a day may help all of us detox after months of isolation and worry.


4 Replies to “National Goof Off Day”

  1. Ah ! If only I could. As I leave for the longest journey in over three years there is still too much to do to simply just goof off! However I shall certainly do my best to be silly and have fun while carrying on with CRA, purchasing pet supplies, sorting out clothing and making sure my luggage remains at only 35 lbs in total. It’s usually 19 kgs for the medium suitcase and about 7 to 10 for the carry on.

    1. Hi Joy,
      You certainly are undertaking a very long trip. I wish you godspeed in your travels. I hope you are travelling with your soulmate from Markham!
      Be well,

  2. Having a goof-off day is a great way to refresh our spirit! And to think a ten year old girl came up with this idea. I guess that makes sense as us adults are too concerned with our to do lists. Hope you enjoy the day!

    1. My goof off surprise was playing backyard basketball with my grandchildren aged 9 and 4 years. They managed more baskets than I did even though I have more height! Lots of fun for all of us! I’m glad that I let go of productivity concerns to have playtime!

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