Retirement Happiness — Breaking Winter’s Back

Last week I heard a climatologist proclaim that we’ve broken winter’s back! He explained that we are halfway through winter! Environment Canada says that mid January, known as the dead of winter, is the halfway point where more winter is behind us than ahead. The astronomical calendar tells us that winter began on December 21, […]

Retirement Happiness — Trying New Things

Trying new things changes your perspective. What you did previously, how you did it, and how it made you feel, change. My perspective on walking changed today as I experimented with walking poles. My husband felt that I would build more endurance and upper body strength if I challenged myself to walk differently. Hence, one […]

Dealing with Holiday Leftovers

With the hoopla of Christmas and New Year celebrations coming to a close, it’s time to deal with holiday leftovers. I’m thinking about leftover Christmas paraphernalia of all types — from food and decorations to leftover feelings. Dealing with either, or both, physical and emotional leftovers is sometimes rather unpleasant. Unfortunately, I know of no┬ásolution […]