Oh Canada — Celebrating Canada Day

“Oh Canada, our home and native land” — we’ll sing these words of the national anthem tomorrow as we celebrate Canada Day, our national holiday. Canada Day is a time to contemplate the benefits and privileges of Canadian citizenship. Here are my top ten. 1.  I value the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which forms […]

Positive Self-Talk and Positive Thinking

One of the secrets of a happy retirement is using positive self-talk and positive thinking. I’ve had a reminder of this truth in the last few days. After their annual health examination, our veterinarian recommended that our 13-year-old cats needed to be anesthetized to have their teeth cleaned and to have extractions of decayed teeth.  […]

Boredom — or Too Many Choices?

Is there a link between boredom and too many choices? Does choice overload lead to boredom? Does it lead to longing for more simplicity? No matter what decision is needed, there are many options to consider before choosing. At the grocery store, the cereal aisle features box after attractive box of cereal. The varieties are […]

Retirement Indulgences

Retirement indulgences are highly individualistic pleasures.  Some consider them ‘guilty pleasures’. I consider retirement indulgences the benefits of life after work.   Retirement indulgences are those pleasures that give enjoyment and make life worth living. There is no guilt involved. Retirement is the time in life to indulge in freedoms that come with growing older, […]

Is retirement easier for women than for men?

Is it true that retirement is easier for women than for men? It’s commonly believed that women, regardless of marital status, find retirement easier. A happy retirement depends on  more than gender.  Health, family, and financial circumstances  derail retirement plans for men and women alike. Once retired, however, women tend to find retirement easier. In […]