Self Help Strategies for Increased Retirement Happiness

Are you using self help strategies to increase retirement happiness? Most retirees want a life that is happy, full, and satisfying. Yet there may be a nagging inner voice that wonders whether a different approach to retirement might be more fulfilling.  Is there another path that will increase happiness? As we look to learn and […]

Canadian Thanksgiving Celebrations

Canadian Thanksgiving is a time of celebration.   Observed on the 2nd Monday of October and affectionately known as ‘Turkey Day’, Thanksgiving in Canada is closely linked with European harvest festivals. People gather for excursions, family events, and relaxation. In the Kitchener-Waterloo area of Ontario, Thanksgiving weekend means Oktoberfest celebrated with Germanic traditions of beer, […]

How NOT to Celebrate Your Husband’s Birthday

What should you not do to celebrate your husband’s birthday?  What should you avoid? I’m exploring this topic today because my husband has another birthday coming tomorrow.  After 48 years of marriage,  we have celebrated many birthdays. Most of the birthdays have been happy celebrations with good feelings associated with wishes for many years of […]