Retirement Happiness — How to Keep the Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is over. Rather than rushing to the Boxing Day sales, I’ve spent a couple of days sitting quietly and pondering how to keep the spirit of Christmas in my heart. These are slow days at our house. There is no cooking. The kitchen is closed —  except for the fridge and the pantry where […]

Retirement Happiness — The Holy Grail on how to slow down aging

Tactics to slow down aging have taken centre stage in the popular press and online. Most of us know and accept that we can’t prevent aging. Aging is natural.  There is no cure. Despite marketing claims, no product or pill exists to stop the process of aging. But lifestyle choices can help to slow down this […]

Retirement Happiness — How to use your ‘Elder’ Wisdom

If it’s true that we achieve greater wisdom as we grow older, how can we enhance and use our ‘elder’ wisdom? It’s commonly understood that wisdom increases with age.  The storehouses of experience, knowledge, insight and capacity to see life as a ‘big picture’ are said to improve as we grow older. How can we […]

Retirement Happiness — A Reporter’s Take on my Presentation to the CARP chapter in Sarnia

Some of my local readers know that I made a presentation to the CARP Chapter meeting in Sarnia, Ontario last week. Here is a reporter’s take, written by David Pattenaude for the Petrolia Topic newspaper, on the presentation.