Happiness in Retirement — Relationships Matter

Relationships matter — if you want a happy retirement. When describing longevity, the popular blog about.com  begins its post with this strong statement on relationships. Relationships are an essential part of health. Isolation and loneliness create responses in the body similar to those of stress. The body does not function as well as when we are […]

Retirement Happiness — Watching your children become parents

What a joy to watch your children learn how to become parents! Six months ago we became grand parents.  More importantly, our son and daughter-in-law became parents. From the first day their pride was visible. They handled the baby carefully and displayed the hyper-vigilance common to all new parents.  Diapering and feeding were time-consuming with […]

How to leave your work and enjoy retirement

Have you truly left your work and career behind? Have you moved past who you were during your career? Do you find yourself beginning too many sentences with words like ” When I ……” and then recounting achievements from career days? Do you struggle with answering the question “what do you do?” at social gatherings? […]