7 Easy Ways to Maximize Health

Retired people rank health security among their highest priorities for a successful retirement.  Last year, during the weeks and months following hip surgery, I struggled with limited mobility.  I realized how much I had taken my good health for granted. I also realized what every Postworksavvy reader knows — good health is essential for a happy retirement.  You […]

Putting your best face forward — not just on Facebook

Many famous artists have recorded their adaptation of  ‘When you’re smiling — when you’re smiling — the whole world smiles with you’.  The beautifully simple lyrics of this well-loved song give a life lesson in how others see us — either as smiling and happy or as ‘frowning and bringing on the rain’. As I peruse […]

Optimize Retirement Happiness with the Right Choices for You

Image via Wikipedia It’s now 18 months since I retired.  As I look back at my decisions about retirement lifestyle, I am pleased that most were right for me — up to this point. To retire with spirit and make the most of the third age that is unencumbered by career or child-rearing responsibilities is […]