10 Essential Skills

Career and professional success depends on excellent relationships with clients, vendors, peers, colleagues, stakeholders, and others in your network.  Positive relationships depend on great interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and social interactions. After leaving the formal world of ‘work’ the same  skills are needed with friends, neighbours, family and others in your post work network.  Maintaining […]

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Sunday night dinners are sacred in many families.  In our home, these events have often been rushed with the over-riding anxiety of all of the Sunday evening commitments that needed to be completed before leaving for the office early on Monday morning.  No more.  Now I am able to plan and to enjoy the fun […]

Managing Priorities

Today, as I rushed around trying to manage too many commitments I found myself reacting in familiar patterns:  trying to multi-task, rushing to complete a ‘to do’ list, and feeling frustrated because I was unable to have ‘me’ time.  Is it postworksavvy to revert to those familiar patterns when I had vowed to change this pattern […]

Damn! A summer cold

All is not well in postworksavvy Shangrila as I fight a nasty summer cold.  Yes, even happy retired people with plans for summer fun struggle with the aches and pains of colds and flus.  Coughing episodes and sniffles are not part of the plan during sunny hot July weather with World Cup games to watch and beach […]