Spring and Renewal

Spring is thought of as a time of renewal — a time for new beginnings. Or, is it? It’s tough to feel renewed amid daily news of political turmoil, climate anxiety, an epidemic of homelessness, and repeated mass shootings. The world has become a scary place.  Every newscast brings its version of ‘breaking news’ with […]

Identity Changes

As I grow old I realize that my identity changes with the seasons of life. These changes don’t mean losing the essence of who I am. Time, circumstances, and experiences change aspects of who I am. Identity formation is based on relationships, environment, race, social class and experiences.  Media, religion, family and friends also shape […]

Impossible Dreams

“May all your impossible dreams come true” This is the message on one of my favourite Christmas mugs! It’s a message that makes me reflect on the deepest wishes each person holds close to the heart at this time of year.  Impossible dreams contain an element of magic. For children everywhere, impossible dreams may involve […]

My Crown

I’m announcing that I own a Crown!  No, it’s not a crown for my head; it’s a new car — a Toyota and the model is called a Crown! After dithering for weeks, we bought a new car!  Here’s the story of my Crown: In a previous post, I described several frustrating trips to car […]